VMware vExpert 2017

Proud! Another year awarded with the VMware vExpert award Check the announcement on: https://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2017/02/vexpert-2017-award-announcement.html

Let’s Encrypt

As of today february 16th, my personal website https://hendric.us is using a SSL certificate from the Let’s Encrypt open Certificate Authority. Let’s Encrypt is a great initiative to provide a better and saver internet. Please have a look at there website for more information: https://letsencrypt.org/

VMware vExpert 2016

On februari 5th, VMware announced the new vExpert 2016 awardees. I’m very honoured to receive the VMware vExpert 2016 award. It’s great to be part of a group of VMware professionals who share their knowledge with others. You can read the VMware blog post here: http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2016/02/vexpert-2016-award-announcement.html